A teoria às avessas e seus reflexos no direito empresarial e no direito de família


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The contemporary state in business, as well as any kind of legal relationship must be understood as enforcement of rights. The theory in reverse of the disregard of legal personality in the world creates a legal breakthrough, an expectation of achieving issues hitherto forgotten or dormant, and is currently deferred by the magistrates when the simulation indicates, fraud and / or abuse of rights by the partner. The principles are applied, even implicitly, in specific instances and generate opinions satisfactory to the business, taking into account also the aspect of interpretation and discussion of pre-existing rules. Clears up the real meaning of the theory in reverse, its prospects in commercial law and family law.


desconsidação da personalidade jurídica sociedades comerciais direito comercial direito empresarial direito da família disregarding corporate entity comercial law mercantile law family law

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