Mercado Kasher em São Paulo / Market Kasher in the city of Sao Paulo




The objective of this work is to analyze the interstices of the market to kasher in the city of São Paulo. In what it says respect to the feeding, the dietary laws, rigid laws, are a significant parcel of the orthodox religious Jewish identity. Also, in many cases, a religious Jew distinguishes itself from a lay one for the feeding. The nourishing conflicts are so intense that they occur even though in the interior of the Jewish families. We search thus, to verify the relation, amongst other things, of the sacralization of the judaism, the theory to practises, where such results in a market of gradual and onerous ratios to the consumers, over all Jewish orthodox.


comida e cultura judaísmo identidade orthodox judaism judaism kasher identity judaísmo ortodoxo food and culture kasher

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