Expectations and perceptions of the bank market of high income natural person in the city of São Paulo. / Expectativas e percepções do mercado bancário de pessoas físicas de alta renda no município de São Paulo




The present study aims to both measure expectations and perceptions of individual bank clients with high earnings in the municipality of São Paulo and to rate the main interfeering aspects in determining their Satisfaction and loyalty. Drawing on the relevant literature on attributes to the provision of bank services as well as on models and scales regarding Service Quality, Coorporative Images, Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty, a quantitative survey was conducted among the high income clients of bank services. The results showed that whereas clients? expectations were high, their perceptions regarding the quality of the services provided were not homogeneous. Additionally, it possible to identify the most influential attributes in consumer?s levels of Satisfaction with and Loyalty to their banks.


natural person administração bancária mercado financeiro financial market bank administration serviços services pessoa física

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