Extração de conhecimento de redes neurais artificiais. / Knowledge extraction from artificial neural networks.




This work describes experiments carried out witch Artificial Neural Networks and symbolic learning algorithms. Two algorithms for knowledge extraction from Artificial Neural Networks are also investigates. This experiments are performed whit three data set with the objective of compare the performance obtained. The data set used in this work are: Brazilians banks bankruptcy data set, tic-tac-toe data set and credit analysis data set. Three techniques for data set performance improvements are investigates. These techniques are: partition for the smallest class, noise increment in the examples of the smallest class and selection of more important attributes. Besides the analysis of the performance obtained, an analysis of the understanding difficulty of the knowledge extracted by each method in each data bases is made.


en pré-processamento falência redes neurais artificiais knowledge extraction trepan estração de conhecimentos c4.5 artificial neural networks cn2

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