Fault detection and diagnosis in robotic manipulators via artificial neural networks. / Detecção e diagnóstico de falhas em robôs manipuladores via redes neurais artificiais.




In this work, a new approach for fault detection and diagnosis in robotic manipulators is presented. A faulty robot could cause serious damages and put in risk the people involved. Usually, researchers have proposed fault detection and diagnosis schemes based on the mathematical model of the system. However, modeling errors could obscure the fault effects and could be a false alarm source. In this work, two artificial neural networks are employed in a fault detection and diagnosis system to robotic manipulators. A multilayer perceptron trained with backpropagation algorithm is employed to reproduce the robotic manipulator dynamical behavior. The perceptron outputs are compared with the real measurements, generating the residual vector. A radial basis function network is utilized to classify the residual vector, generating the fault isolation. Four different algorithms have been employed to train this network. The first utilizes regularization to reduce the flexibility of the model. The second employs regularization too, but instead of only one penalty term, each radial unit has a individual penalty term. The third employs subset selection to choose the radial units from the training patterns. The forth algorithm employs the Kohonen’s self-organizing map to fix the radial unit center near to the cluster centers. Simulations employing a two link manipulator and a Puma 560 manipulator are presented, demonstrating that the system can detect and isolate correctly faults that occur in nontrained pattern sets.


redes neurais artificiais robôs manipuladores multilayer perceptrons mapa auto-organizável de kohonen fault detection and diagnosis robotic manipulators rede com função de base radial artificial neural networks detecção e diagnóstico de falhas kohonen’s self-organizing map perceptron multicamadas radial basis function networks

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