Dicionário e ensino da língua materna: obras lexicográficas para necessidades distintas




This research is guided by the supposition that the dictionary is a potential didactic tool for the mothers tongue education and that the pedagogic benefit of the use of the dictionary is related to the choice of a lexical work, suitable to the level of education and learning of the students. According to this, this study analyses and compares 13, of the 18 dictionaries selected by MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture), in the ambit of the National Program of the Didactic Book (PNLD, 2006), emphasizing the special characteristics of each work that can be able to suggest that one, or those works, more suitable to each learning situation. The dictionaries selected by MEC are considered as a very important didactic material support to the mothers tongue education and learning, on the two first cycles of Elementary Education. The selection has determined 2 quantities, one destinated for the 1st cycle and another one for the 2nd cycle. This study has considered two profiles of pupils: the ones that are in the teaching and writing phase, which corresponds to the 1st cycle, and the ones that are in the writing phase, which corresponds to the 2nd cycle of the Elementary Education. By the same way, this study considerates the pupils necessities, according to the propositions of the PCNs (National Curricular Parameters) of the Portuguese Language. The proposals of PCNs suggests that the Elementary Educations contents are the ones that are considered as important for the constitution of the linguistic and discursive proficiency of the pupil. The results of the study identifies the lexicographical resources that in each work could become productive to the mother tongue, according to the necessities of each step of learning. The research is based on the plan of didactic lexicography, which is a new area among the linguistic studies


aprendizagem lexicografia didática dicionários national curricular parameter linguistica aplicada língua materna didactic lexicography learning elementary education parâmetros curriculares nacionais education national program of the didactic book ensino programa nacional do livro didático ensino fundamental mother tongue

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