Avaliação numérico-experimental da conformação a frio de componentes mecânicos




With the advent of faster and more accessible computers, engineers are substituting the traditional "trial-and-error" approach in favour of simulation tools, attending the companies desires, that is produce products with more competitiveness, efficiency, technology and reducing costs. The objective of this work is to perform a cold forming numerical simulation of a mechanical component, obtained from a low carbon bar. Because of the component geometry, the process requires some conformation stages, been not possible to reach the final configuration with just one die and a punch. Three different conformation processes are analyzed, varying the number of intermediate stages and punch geometry strategies. Two of them showed some problems in their tools during the component process production. It is used the commercial softwares Ansys and SuperForm to the numerical analysis process. The former was not appropriate, because it showed some problems with the remesh resource. With the latter it is reached good numerical results, that are presented and compared with the produced component final dimensions. In addition, it is studied the failure of the tools used in the real process, numerical aspects related to the element size, material properties, displacement increment and the friction behavior influence.


engenharia de materiais e metalurgica elementos finitos plasticidade finite elements conformação de metais metal forming plasticity

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