Vulnerabilidade do litoral sul de pernambuco à erosÃo




This study proposes a methodology to estimate the vulnerability of coastal segments to erosion through a semi-quantitative approach and its application to 14 beaches on the southern coast of Pernambuco State, Northeast Brazil. Such analyses are important tools in the process of coastal management, aimed to establish priority areas for management. After researching existing methods of coastal vulnerability assessment, a new method was prepared through which qualitative and quantitative data are encoded in weights proportional to their influence on a Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI). In turn, the CVI is calculated from five Partial Vulnerability Indexes (PVI), related to: coastal morphology, presence of natural attributes, marine influence, coastal processes and human factors. Results show that 32.1% of the shoreline analyzed can be classified as of low vulnerability with regard to the risks of erosion. Areas which have very high degree of vulnerability (21.3%) coincide with the urban areas or portions of them, suggesting a more structural control / anthropic than natural / dynamic on the global vulnerability. Furthermore, it was possible to identify the variables of greater influence on the vulnerability of each beach and identify three groups of beaches whose nature of vulnerability is similar, being related to: (a) the coastal morphology and coastal processes, (b) the anthropic influence and coastal processes, and (c) the anthropic influence and natural attributes. It is concluded that the methodology proposed here is simple and feasible even in areas where information is scarce, such as the southern coast of Pernambuco State. The results of its application may well guide the process of occupation of the beaches located in the study area, taking into consideration that in most of them the urbanization is still incipient, which is the ideal condition for the implementation of management plans for prevention


vulnerability vulnerabilidade oceanografia geologica erosÃo costeira litoral sul de pernambuco praias costal erosion south sea-line of pernambuco beaches

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