Viabilidade da utilização de amostras biologicas obtidas de dentes humanos para obtenção de perfis geneticos de DNA / Viability of the acquirement of genetic DNA profiles using human teeth




Several factors related to how and where human teeth are found in forensic cases still a challenge to obtain genetic DNA profiles, as using theses elements as source for genetic material. This study aimed to compare the DNA extraction done through blood stains in FTA® paper cards, used as control group, and compare the mapped alleles from these to ones extracted from human teeth samples, as the simplicity of theses protocols when in comparison. Eighteen participants were convinced to join this study. Blood samples and superior right third molars (element 18) were donated. As result, teeth provided good sources of biologic sampling to obtain genetic profiles when analyzed by Poisson statistic analysis (p<0,0001), however, when compared to genetic material extraction protocol by blood, teeth analysis is no longer viable due to extensive laboratorial steps in order to gain the same results. Also 78,125% of the possible locci to be mapped and amplified were indeed.


forensic dentistry molar dente serotino third forensic genetics odontologia legal genetica forense

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