Verificação à fadiga de pontes rodoviárias mistas (aço-concreto) / Fatigue analysis of composite highway bridges


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Steel and composite highway bridges (steel-concrete) are currently subjected to dynamic actions, for example, variable magnitude due to vehicles traffic on the deck rough pavement. These dynamic actions can generate the fractures nucleation or even their propagation on the structure. The correct consideration of these aspects pointed out to an analysis methodology developed, in order to evaluate the stresses through a dynamical analysis on highway bridge decks, due to vehicles crossing on the irregular pavement surfaces and to proceed a fatigue verification from Steel and composite highway bridges (steel-concrete). The stress cycles counting techniques and the cumulative damage rules application had been analyzed through S-N curves associated with diverse projects norms. The steel and composite highway bridge (steel-concrete), investigated in this study, is constituted by four longitudinal steel beams and a composite deck. The computational model, developed for the bridge dynamic analysis , adopted the usual mesh refinement techniques present in finite element method simulations. The beam web thickness was represented by shell finite elements. The beam top and bottom flange and the longitudinal and vertical stiffeners were simulated by three-dimensional beam elements, where flexural and torsion effects were considered. The bridge concrete slab was simulated by shell finite elements. The vehicles are represented from "mass-spring-damper" systems. The traffic of these vehicles is considered as a simulation of half-infinite convoys dislocating with constant speed on the bridge. The present study conclusions concerning steel and composite highway bridges (steel-concrete) structural elements service life.


estruturas de concreto análise dinâmica pontes rodoviárias mistas fadiga irregularidade de pavimento modelagem computacional steel and composite highway bridges fatigue deck rough pavement surface computational modeling dynamical analysis

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