Value creation from organizational project management: a case study in a government agency


JISTEM J.Inf.Syst. Technol. Manag.




This paper aims to analyze, through a case study based on a construct of the work of Thomas and Mulally (2008), called Researching the Value of Project Management, the relations of the constructs of this conceptual model and to show how they interfere with the organizational values, possibly in programs conducted by a government agency, from the perspective of the senior management directly involved. The analysis of information collected indicated that project management has brought value to the organization, but not all components of the conceptual model used were perceived. Additionally, differences between respondents from outside and inside of this department become evident, indicating a difference in stakeholders´ interests. Finally, from the perspective of institutional isomorphism, we searched for evidence of an effort to increase the organization's management maturity in project management, indicating by documents the mimetic and coercive isomorphism to ensure the achievement of goals and financial efficiency of the projects analyzed.

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