Um supereu que não se diluiu: uma investigação sobre as relações do supereu com as toxicomanias




This dissertation of mastering has as a target from psychoanalysis assumptions to make some observations about alcoholism and drug addiction. Freud s studies were researched to know about his considerations in the inebriant products. Following, it was made an appreciation about alcoholism and drug addiction according to Lacan s psychoanalysis orientation and its influences on these days. In the end, this dissertation was taken to a question about the nature of the relationship between the superego and drug addiction. Ernest Simmel s maxim - "the alcoholic superego is soluble in alcohol" - was taken into consideration together with Jacques Lacan s elaborations about the superego. At Lacan s point of view, the superego may work as an imperative of joint. What must we think of Simmel s thesis after the contributions of Lacan about the superego?


alcoolismo teses. psicologia teses. freud, sigmund, 1856-1939. psicanálise teses. lacan, jacques, 1901-1981. toxicomania teses

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