TolerÃncia e intolerÃncia entre carismÃticos e evangÃlicos em Campina Grande â PB




With a higher degree of intensity, the matter of religious pluralism has been a subject of study within the social sciences. The importance of the topic is related to the expansion of the religious field of action in social life. The increase of the fundamentalist reactions in several countries, the development of the evangelical religions and the Catholics campaigns such as the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and also the neo-esoteric boom witnessed by the world, excite the analysis about a religious pluralism and effervescence, which overrun the thesis that defends a irreversible process of secularization. In this sense, this dissertation discusses the transformations of the religious field, emphasizing the discussion about religious tolerance and intolerance. Within that debate, we have as a topic of investigation the relations of tolerance and intolerance among evangelicals and Catholics in the city of Campina Grande â PB. These two communities, during Carnival time, accomplish religious events â the Meeting for the Christian Conscience (o Encontro para a ConsciÃncia Cristà â ECC) that congregate evangelicals and the Catholic Family Meeting (O Encontro da FamÃlia CatÃlica or Crescer) that congregate the charismatic Catholics. In this manner, during the time that these events take place, we analyzed how the relations of tolerance and intolerance between the evangelicals that participate of the ECC and the charismatic Catholics participants of the Crescer are displayed. During a second phase, these issues were observed after the holding of these events. Our intention is to discern if this conflict, that happens during the carnival time, is reproduced likewise in the daily lives of the believers. For such, we tried to examine the relations of tolerance and intolerance between the interviewed participants of the Crescer and the ECC who are members of families with intrafamilial religious pluralism, under the equation charismatic Catholics X evangelicals, with the intention of examining the manner by which these believers negotiated the contents apprehended in these events with the family members that profess a different religion of yours


carismÃticos charismatic catholics evangelicals antropologia tolerÃncia/intolerÃncia religiosa evangÃlicos religious tolerance and intolerance

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