Thinking differently about History : Michel Foucault s genealogical view in "Discipline and Punish" / Pensar diferentemente a historia : o olhar genealogico de Michel Foucault em Vigiar e Punir




This paper discusses Michel Foucault?s conception of genealogical history, and examines his practice in Discipline and Punish. It tries to understand how genealogy is directly related to how he understands the power, that is, from the relation of powers which do not stop moving and facing each other in a constant battle. It favors the combat between the sovereign?s power and the ?crowd? in the Ancien Régime, the conflict among the three ways to punish which compete at the end of the 18th century, and the collision between the penitentiary system and the fourierist group La Phalange


power relations history genealogy relações de poder historia genealogia

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