Study of reuse and recycling of rapid filter backwash water from water treatment plant in independent close cycle system / Estudo de reuso e reciclagem de agua de lavagem de filtro rapido de estação de tratamento de agua, em sistema de ciclo fechado, independente




The project was developed with the aim of studying the treatment and the reuse of rapid filter backwash water for recycling in this role, within a closed cycle, under system independent of production activities of a water treatment plant. The system was assembled with a polymer blending unit, a gravel preliminary upflow filter and a dual layer filter(F3), similar to those used in the water treatment plant. The pre-filter was withdrawn because it did not provided the expected efficiency. With this provision, it was monitored the number of times that water obtained could be reused without affecting the quality of water filtration top of the filter F1 which proved to be greater or equal to five times. The loss of filter backwash water in the system was 0,13%, quite significant when compared to the usual 2 to 5%. The system always worked with flocculent particles, not with colloidal particles


water treatment plant agua - estações de tratamento aguas residuais sewage agua - reutilização reuse of water

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