Species of Excorallana (Isopoda, Corallanidae) from northern and northeastern Brazil, with description of a new species, Excorallana lemoscastroi sp. nov.






Abstract Several Brazilian specimens of the genus Excorallana Stebbing, 1904, were revised based on material deposited in the carcinological collection of the Museu de Oceanografia Prof. Petrônio Alves Coelho, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. The material examined was collected during oceanographic expeditions off northern and northeastern Brazil between 1965 and 2000. Seven species were identified: Excorallana bicornis Lemos de Castro & Lima, 1971; Excorallana costata Lemos de Castro, 1960; Excorallana oculata (Hansen, 1890); Excorallana richardsoni Lemos de Castro, 1960; Excorallana subtilis (Hansen, 1890); Excorallana warmingii (Hansen, 1890); and a putative new species, Excorallana lemoscastroi sp. nov. The new species was found in Paraíba and Pernambuco and shares characters with Excorallana antillensis (Hansen, 1890), in having the head and pereon unornamented; the pleon with tubercles; and the pleotelson triangular, with a lateral incision and with four tubercles on the anterior margin. However, the two species differ in the head size, length of the antenna, shape of the frontal lamina, and number and arrangement of tubercles on the pleon.

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