Se nÃo hà sacrifÃcio nÃo hà religiÃo. Se nÃo hà sangue, nÃo hà xangÃ: um estudo do sacrifÃcio no palÃcio de iemanjÃ




This thesis is the result of the desire to know the african-Brazilian religions in the city of Maceio, Alagoas. Busco through a search-descriptive history, present data on growth in the number of terraces in the city and describe one of its most important rituals. For that, initially perform a mapping of these houses of worship, noting its distribution in the neighborhoods of Miami and considering the classification by nation, from the way each terrace is self in the schedules of membership of federations. After that review, perform an ethnographic description of the sacrificial ritual, which is the central ritual of all XangÃ, a terrace characters - Palace of IemanjÃ


sacrifice sacrifÃcio mapeamento de terreiros antropologia maceio maceià xangà mapping of terreiros xangÃ

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