“Poner el cuerpo” en las calles: los enfrentamientos de las activistas feministas y los grupos anti-derechos


Cad. Pagu




Abstract Every year “El Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres” (Women´s National Encounter) gather the argentinian diverse women's movement in different workshops, cultural and artistic activities. Simultaneously, anti-rights (pro-life) groups belonging to the Catholic Church come to boycott workshops and provoke violent clashes. For a few years now, there has been a stop in the closing demonstration at the principal city´s church where women pronounce anticlerical slogans and shout in favor of women's rights, especially the right to abortion. It is also remembered the role of this institution during the civic-military dictatorship that ruled Argentina between 1976 and 1983. Activists find that the temple is firmly safeguarded by a protective shield of Catholic militants. This is moment is when the most violent confrontations happen and which we expose here. We want to discuss the new forms of feminist protests (exhibition of naked body, use of violence, different performance) against other social actor (enemy) who also "puts the body" in defense of what he consideres sacred.

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