Otimização multiobjetivo para a operação de sistemas urbanos de abastecimento de agua




The proper operation of the urban water supply systems has a direct impact on the water to be provided to the quality consumers. The optimization of these systems appears as an alternative to search efficient and also efficient solutions, thus guaranteeing the management of the systems. Many research works have been reported in the literature describing applications and specific computational routines for optimization of hydraulics networks. However, some difficulties for taking decisions have also been reported since there are conflicting objectives in the real word context, which deserve proper attention. A multiobjective approach for operation planning of hydraulic networks is developed considering that context. The methodology uses the software of linear programming GAMS/CONOPT with iterative procedures. The multiobjective formulation of the problem uses the Weighting Method. The case study is made on the East sector of the metropolitan system of the great São Paulo. The results present solutions as the typical non-dominated curves


programação linear otimização matematica abastecimento de agua recursos hidricos - desenvolvimento engenharia hidraulica

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