Otimização da operação de sistemas de distribuição de agua abastecidos por bombeamento e reservatorios de regularização




In the present work it was developed an optimization model to water distribution systems operation, supplied by multiple pump stations and multiple reservoirs regulation. The difficulties to reach an appropriate modelling and the excessive simplification of the models have been delaying the appearance of practical solutions more adapted to dimensioning and operation of water distribution systems. This work present a model to contemplate multiple supply sources using the pump curves to adequate hydraulic network balance when considering only mass balance node equations. For decision variables are considered the simultaneous number of pumps operating and the reservoirs levei at each time interval along the day. The operation of the reservoirs is guaranteed through the control valves. The model is based on a mixed non-linear programming problem, managed through a "branchand-bound" type algorithm to find the pump number integer solution. The constraints were incorporate to the objective function through the Augmented Lagrangian approach. An appropriated management algorithm solves the penalty problem. The optimization resulted problem by a proposed penalty is solved through a reduced gradient algorithm... Note: The complete abstract is available with the full electronic digital thesis or dissertations


energia eletrica - consumo abastecimento de agua programação não-linear otimização matematica reservatorios

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