O lamento dos oprimidos em Augusto dos Anjos / The lament of the oppressed in Augusto of Anjos




A new reading of the book Eu (I), of Augusto dos Anjos, is the largest proposal of this thesis, which also has secondary objectives, as an incursion by the magazines, books and periodicals of the late nineteenth century and beginning of XX, to understand the vision of the intellectual world that season, to understand the allegories and metaphors of decay, used by the poet and the survey on the "I" of a men, designed the "I" of a group, which is his monadology line, wich is the philosophy that was guide Augusto dos Anjos, see what is conveyed , then, what are published on Buddhism, on Teosofy, and about the Nietzsche´s thought, and Haeckel, Kant, Schopenhauer and so Bergson, know about the Aristotelian mimesis, the Greek tragedies and modern tragedies, consider the etymology of the Augusto vocabulary and make a parallel with Ruins of a Government, of Rui Barbosa, finding a meaning to this lyric-tragic-modern poetry, the Eu; and try to feel the pain of loneliness in the human naked and alone man in this country of so many social injustices


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