O ensino de Astronomia nas séries finais do ensino fundamental : uma proposta de material didático de apoio ao professor




In general, the initial training of teachers who teach the Sciences discipline in elementary schools is insufficient. As a result, the textbook has become the main resource in the classroom for both teachers and for students. In addition of determining the curriculum, these books provides its order, the contents often fragmented and, in the case of Astronomy, presents conceptual errors and inaccuracies. The goal is to provide a support material to teachers of Sciences of the final series of basic education in the contents of Astronomy. This material is designed to support by integrating three dimensions needed for a teaching material: cognitivist dimension, in terms of social interaction of Leon Vygotsky; epistemological dimension historical-critical second Gaston Bachelard, and pedagogical dimension, a concept of dialogue-problematizing of Paulo Freire. The material searches to cover a wide range of topics capable of providing an efficient knowledge in this field of basic education teachers.


outros elementary school ensino de física ensino de astronomia ensino fundamental astronomia astronomy astronomy teaching physics teaching

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