O engrentamento ao tráfico de pessoas para fins de exploração sexual no Brasil: trajetória e desafios




Human trafficking for sexual exploitation, mainly women, children and adolescents trafficking, is a violation of basic human rights that has raised worldwide. At the same time, during the latest decades, worldwide awareness of the matter has also raised. Such world interest has been expressed in the attention driven on the subject by public opinion, human right protection organizations and States by drawing legal mechanisms and public action directives aimed at combating human trafficking. The objective of this survey is to analyze governmental action lines on combating human trafficking for sexual exploitation that have taken place in Brazil from 2002 to 2006. The inclusion of the action lines undertaken by International Cooperation and Civil Society in this study is due to the historical role these organizations have played on facing human traffic in Brazil, which has impacted on the development of the National Policy on Combating Human Trafficking, signed by the Federal Government in late 2006. Based on this understanding, it is hoped this study contributes on pointing the way, the tendencies and the challenges to be faced by the Brazilian Administration on combating human trafficking for sexual exploitation in the country


direitos humanos human trafficking brazilian administration tráfico de pessoas governo brasileiro exploração sexual human rights sexual exploitation ciencias humanas

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