O auxílio-doença no Regime Geral de Previdência Social




This master thesis concerning the subject of social security benefit of Sick Assistance in the Brazilian legal system. The subject is introduced passing for the description bringing the quarrel to the current days and the current legislative framing. After the chronological analysis of the facts related to the social protection, is boarded principles that conduct the relation in comment, already directing the approach for the benefit heading of the work. On next it has analysis of the rule of social security abstract and generality laws, bringing the fire initial concepts of the first rule of incidence and its elements, or better saying, criteria of composition. Finally, the subject is boarded in its central aspect, adjusting it general norm to the specific case of the Sick Assistance, where the Hypothesis and the Consequent one are dealt with in detail the norm, its criteria Material, Space and Time and also the criteria Personal and Quantitative, respectively. The work all is passed, for questionings and problems that stir up the quarrel. It is concluded for ample, the unrestricted one and opened quarrel concerning the subject, in view of its eminently social character, that candle for the social protection of the diligent and productive population of the country


benefício previdenciário benefit direito auxilio-doenca -- leis e legislacao -- brasil sick assistance previdencia social -- leis e legislacao -- brasil social security

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