Modelagem matemática no ensino-aprendizagem: ação e resultados / Modelagem matemática no ensino-aprendizagem e resultados




That study report trace of involvement and learning of the research participant personage , researcher teacher, math teacher and, his class with 38 students who are in eighth grade of the fundamental teaching, in public school, on Belém District, in contact with activity that was developed in class, where The Math Model was utilized with teaching and learning ambient. Refer it, thus, a research- participant, in narrative modality, whose purpose was to register, understand, interpret, from actions on of the personages, trace of involvement and learning. Were planed two activities, for be developed in class, whose purpose was to collect empiric stuff to try answer the problem proposed in that investigation. The results shown in that investigation were registered through three instruments, they are: observation, documents and interviews. In the analisys of results, i reach a conclusion that ambient provide for the Math Model, was able to change the studentslearning significative, because in their speechs was possible to perceive a bonde between useful math and scholar math, this fact was perceived for teacher of class, too. Besides, he reached a conclusion that teacher may be reflexive. And for me, like teacher and researcher of my own experience, beyond of pleasure to realize this research, i can perceive the importance of the use algorithms in math instruction and necessity to modify this discourse, on meaning to change and do not abandonment. So, i believe that, The Model Math can be indicated like one alternative of rewrite this process.


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