MilitÃncia, dÃdiva e conversÃo religiosa : o caso dos presidiÃrios evangÃlicos em busca da dupla salvaÃÃo




This study analyses the social rehabilitation process of inmates who convert themselves to Protestantism inside prisons. The approach is built at the intersection of three basic moments: the evangelical militancy work in favor of the prisoners, gift circulation among groups in interaction and the religious conversion as a facilitator of changing in the converted inmates standard of behavior. We have also focused on the variety of social macro-spaces alongside the path from the conversion to the inmateâs rehabilitation. We trying to verify how the family, the solidarity network of the evangelicals, as well as the crime reinsertion network can influence this process. It is a case study carried out in the Professor Anibal Bruno presidium, Recife â PE, which aims at depicting the body and soul saga looking for double salvation


dÃdiva militÃncia evangÃlica conversÃo religiosa gift inmates detentos religious conversion sociologia evangelical militancy

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