Marketing em instituições de ensino superior: a promoção do processo seletivo




The main point of this work has been to reach the action of the marketing in order to promote the selective process about exame de vestibular (enter examination) and the attention of new students in a college/university. Considering this point, the specific purposes were: a) characterize the freshman from the enter examination in winter 2001( second term) and in summer 2002 (first term); b) characterize the socio economical profile from the students who took the enter examination in the second term of 2001 and the first term of 2002; c) identify the marketing realized by the students who took the enter examination in the second term of 2001 and the first term of 2002; d) identify the way the students had been influenced in order to choose the course in a specific college/university; e) match the personal details (sex, age, course, shift) and the school the students had concluded their secondary education to the marketing they have seen; f) match the socio economical profile to the marketing the students from winter/2001 and summer/2002 have been influenced; g) match the marketing, by course, to the enter examination in winter/2001 and summer/2002. Moreover, an empirical and descriptive research has been done with likely samples from students who took enter examination in winter/2001 and who took enter examination in summer/2002. As a result, Masters and Doctorates professors have been considered important factors to the students choice, besides the structure of the college/university. On the other hand, but not by all the students, people have realized that there are too many ways of marketing close to the enter examination registration. Also, these people have watched, heard and seen on TV, radio and magazines many commercials, although these ways of marketing have not influenced their choices too much. The most influential way of marketing has been Internet. Finally, there is a great necessity to have ways of marketing to both kinds of students, the ones who take enter examination in summer and are considered younger, and the ones who take enter examination in winter, who are considered older, who work and take a course in order to grow up professionally. Besides this, the personal contact is also an important factor in the choice of college/university. In short, the communication in marketing, with defined and planned action followed by periodical researches in order to identify the students choice to the college/university is necessary.


high school marketing; administração marketing administracao de sistemas educacionais university universidades e faculdades ensino superior marketing administração management

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