Letramentos e atividades on-line em Ambiente Virtual de Aprendizagem / Literacies and online activities in Virtual Learning Environment




This thesis aims to analyze the relations between literacies and online activities present in Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The implementation of this proposal was based on reflections about the literacies submitted by Shetzer and Warschauer (2000), Soares (2002), Xavier (2005), Araújo (2007), Fischer (2007) and Ribeiro (2008). Located in the qualitative paradigm, with predominantly descriptive marks, our analysis suggested the categorization of online activities present in the courses Língua Inglesa II A: Compreensão e Produção Oral e Leitura e Produção de Textos Acadêmicos updated at VLE Solar, from Universidade Federal do Ceará, and the description of literacy practices in virtual environments mediated, potentially, by the guidelines of the online activities proposed. The parameters considered for the analysis came from the summarization of Shetzer and Warschauers theoretical elaboration (2000), which lead us to the following dimensions of digital literacy: communication, construction and research. The data prompted the formation of an online activity typology, based on the literacy types demanded by them, namely: online activities strange to the potential of the web; online activities mediating the familiarization of the potential of the web; online activities mediating literacies for communication; and online activities mediating literacies for construction and research. The results of this analysis allowed the description of the literacy practices that are currently being privileged in this context, linking the type of online activity to the literacy practices that are potentially mediated by them and to the dimensions of digital literacy, according to Shetzer and Warschauer (2000). It follows that there is a need for technological formation for the language professional, because this way there will be the offering of online activities that addresses to the most diverse, or even countless, literacy practices in virtual environments.


ensino à distância língua inglesa - estudo e ensino(superior) - recursos de redes de computadores literacies ambiente virtual de aprendizagem linguistica aplicada letramento letramentos atividades on-line internet na educação aprendizagem por atividades virtual learning environment online activities

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