Knowledge for hospital teaching practice: a study with educators working in hospitals in Santa Catarina / Saberes para atuação docente hospitalar: um estudo com pedagogas que atuam em hospitais de Santa Catarina




The pedagogical and educational care of hospitalized children and adolescents is a relatively new field of work for educators that has generated discussions on the training and practices of educators in healthcare facilities. Within this debate, the research reported here examines the knowledge acquired and used by educators who work in hospitals in Santa Catarina, as well as the forms of action and the challenges faced by these professionals. It also evaluates the contribution of the Pedagogical course in the training of teachers who work in the hospital context. A qualitative research was carried, collecting data through a literature review, structured interviews and observation of sites where teaching assistance is provided. The theoretical framework is based on the theoretical-scientific literature on childhood: Sarmento and Gouvea (2008), Pfromm Neto (2002) Machado (2003), the hospitalized child: Adams (2006), Chiattone (2003), Fontes (2005); humanization and paediatric listening: Silva, Tonetto and Gomes (2006), Vasconcelos (2009), Ceccim and Carvalho (1997); hospital class: Ceccim (1999), Fontes (2005); course of Pedagogy: Saviani (2007), Lebanon ( 2001), Aguiar et al. (2006), knowledge of the educator: Evangelista (2009), Tardif (2000, 2002, 2007); challenges of teaching hospitals: Paula (2006), Matos (1998), Reis (2009). Thirteen educators, who work with hospital teaching care in twelve health units spread across eleven towns and cities in the State of Santa Catarina took part in the study. The axes of analysis emerged from the themes identified in the interviews: the knowledge necessary for hospital teaching practice, the main difficulties and challenges, the work done by the educator in the hospitals of Santa Catarina, and the contributions of the pedagogy course for hospital performance. The results of this investigation reveal a lack of initial training of educators with regard to knowledge of the hospital teaching practice, a lack of physical space, a lack of more precise guidelines on the work in a hospital setting, and a need for more dialogue between the school and the hospital. They also show that the knowledge of experience, strongly interwoven with academic knowledge, give support to the practice of educators in the workplace. The study reveals that there is an urgent need to strengthen the discussion on the role of education in the hospital, and insert the teaching practice in the pursuit of strategies that facilitate humanization of health care. At the same time, it reflects on the pedagogical curriculum, emphasizing the processes that seek to integrate health and education, so that the school and the hospital can perform a collaborative work that will result in the construction of a place of diversity and citizenship


saberes da experiência saber docente saberes acadêmicos teaching hospital teacher knowledge academic knowledge knowledge of experience educacao pedagogia hospitalar

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