Jurisdição constitucional e teoria política da democracia : comissões parlamentares de inquérito




It is growing the expansion of the sphere of action by Judiciary Power in the World and, especially, in Brazil, through the control, not only in individual controversies, but matters and eminently political questions too, before restricted to Legislative and Executive Power. This phenomenon is known judicialization of politics. By this way the present work asked if the constitutional jurisdiction about the politics exorbitant or not under the constitutional and democratic legitimacy. For that, taken as a reason to drive the judicial control, read itself, of Supreme Federal Tribunal, on the parliamentary committees of inquiry, since these legislative instrument came to be a place typical of the process of judicial intervention in Brazil politics sphere. It is observed that the ideological foundation of judicial control is the liberal political philosophy, in order to contain the possible risks to individual rights and guarantees perhaps undertaken by Parliament. Otherwise, it has been unlawful the judicial review of the deliberations in the Legislature, particularly of parliamentary committees of inquiry; since, in terms of the theory of democracy, dont seems to be unreasonable to assume that the legitimate representative of the theory of democracy the Parliament has its deliberations invalidated by a power with a lack of democratic legitimacy and responsibility, as Judiciary. Moreover, the interference of the Judiciary in political matters and on interna corporis questions of Legislative seems to violate directly the constitutional principle of separation of powers, independency and harmony in states Powers, thats why distribution of functions is formed, in political and democratically organized States, a limit for the action of public organs.


comissÃo parlamentar de inquÉrito - dissertaÇÕes jurisdiÇÃo constitucional - dissertaÇÕes direito constitucional

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