GESTÃO DE AMBULATÃRIO PÃBLICO : ORGANIZAÃÃO DIRECIONADA PARA O BOM ATENDIMENTO / Management of public hospital clinic : organization lead for a good attendance




The administration of the public service of health, historically organized for the state, passes for transformations that search the improvement of the service offered to its public, the using citizen. The state of SÃo Paulo implemented from 1998 a management system that uses recognized entities socially (SOH - Social Organization of Health) to execute the planned and controlled actions of health for the government. In agreement to this trend of opening and development of the public politics, the federal government search to improve the quality of relationship in its sectors of attendance. The presented research evaluated questions organizations of a clinic of specialties of the city of SÃo Paulo that functions operated for a SOH. Using the perspective of the user, it searched to verify with are the administrative questions that are perceived and valued for the citizen. The results had evidenced low the capacity of perception and evaluation of the users of the clinic. The analysis perceived in the data of the research with superficial characteristics and without criteria technician, can be related with the low educational level of the layers poor of main the Brazilian population that are user public system of health. (National system of health). The research proved the development of the public management in the health area, as well as the viability of application of research correlated to the applied model.


ambulatÃrio hospitalar e qualidade percebida organization and administration administracao publica hospital clinic and perceived quality organizaÃÃo e administraÃÃo

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