Formação continuada do professor: uma proposta na área de Língua Portuguesa




Apart from some exceptions teachers lifelong learning is generally offered in courses that aim the transmission of contents and techniques previously defined from a general view of teachers needs The conventional model is considered not sufficiently efficacious when it is intended to implant and implement curricular innovations that implicate new comprehension of the teaching and learning object as well as changes in the teaching practice due to the fact that what it matters is to have access to what teachers do and think Thus in this thesis I investigate how to organize a lifelong learning process which breaking the conventional model can contribute to the knowledge in the specific area as well as to the personal and professional development of the teacher Developing the research from the idea that it is possible to carry out in a flexible way the act as educating as a process in which the dos and thinks of the teachers as well as their needs are considered the starting point of discussions reflections and studies I organized with the collaboration of a group of teachers a space of formation denominated Study Group (SG) which is also a methodological resource of this research The research allowed the definition of methodological procedures that were shown adequate to the creation of an alternative context of learning in which the teachers became the subject of their own formation assuming at the same time the role of the one who is being educated as well as the educator Summarizing the research revealed that it is possible to organize and carry out a process of lifelong learning that differently from the conventional models presents among other things the following features: it creates a context in which the teachers learn with their peers; it recognizes and gives value to the teachers knowledge; it retrieves the practice as a space of education and reflection; it organizes itself around the teachers needs and it allows the exercise of the shared autonomy I considered therefore to have achieved the proposed aims of this research and I hope to have given my contribution to the studies in the area of teachers lifelong learning


lifelong learning, portuguese and teacher learning educacao educacao continuada formação continuada, língua portuguesa e aprendizagem docente professores de portugues -- formacao profissional

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