Fatores de prognóstico associados à gravidade do dengue em crianças atendidas em Manaus-AM, Brasil




Introduction: After the Second World War II, dengue has emerged as a serious public health problem in tropical and subtropical countries. In Brazil since the 80s, there have been several outbreaks of the disease and there has been an increase in the number of severe cases and in the proportion of cases in children up 15 years. Factors associated to the development of severe dengue are not yet well known. Objectives: To describe the clinical, epidemiological and laboratory findings of dengue in patients, under 15 years of age, attended in Manaus, Amazonas State, Brazil, in 2006 and 2007 and to identify the prognostic factors associated with severe disease. Patients and methods: A descriptive clinical and epidemiological study of a cohort of laboratory confirmed dengue patients under 15 years attended in Emergency Children Clinics and in the Tropical Medicine Foundation of Amazonas, in Manaus, AM and an analytical study of case-control nested in that cohort. Cases were patients who developed dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue with complications those who died. Controls were patients who were classified as undifferentiated fever and dengue fever at the the end of follow up. Eventual prognostic factors were defined as possible predictor variables and were statistically analyzed. A multivariate logistic regression-was performed. Results: Of 322 patients followed up, 142 developed severe forms of dengue and 180 benign form of dengue fever. Of the variables investigated as possible prognostic factors associated with severity of dengue were identified in the multivariate analysis The following factors were statistically significant: the onset of bleeding with four or more days of sickness, abdominal pain at any stage of the disease, positive tourniquet test in primary care ; first attendance after four days of the beginning of symptoms and reports of previous dengue, albumin values corresponding to the interval equal to 3 g/mL and less than 3.5 g / mL.


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