Exposição ao ruido ocupacional e saude dos trabalhadores / Occupational noise exposure and worker s health




This study aimed at assessing whether occupational noise exposure is a significant risk factor for work-related accidents. The investigation yielded three scientific papers. The first consisted of a review of the national literature on the effects of occupational noise on the health of workers available for free-access at SciELO Brasil from its beginning through March/2006. Of the 50 articles obtained, only 19 reported exposure to occupational noise as a probable cause of health damage among workers, and were analyzed in terms of design, objective and results. The second paper resulted from a hospital-based case-control study conducted in the municipal district of Piracicaba, state of São Paulo-Brazil that included 600 cases and 822 controls (all workers). The risk of work-related accidents was found to be two-fold higher in workers exposed to noise. The third article reported the fraction of work-related accidents attributable to occupational noise exposure, based on the case-control study mentioned above. The odds ratio of work-related accidents was obtained by relating workers exposed to noise with three noise levels, and the prevalence of such exposures was determined. Thus, the attributable fraction was estimated to be 0,3041 (IC95% = 0,2341-0,3676), i.e., over 30% of the work-related accidents that occurred in the study area are statistically associated with occupational noise exposure. The causes of this relationship are discussed, as well as its implications in the prevention of work-relatedaccidents


riscos ocupacionais work accidents occupational risk occupational exposure exposição ocupacional attributable risk occupational noise risco atribuivel acidente de trabalho ruido ocupacional

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