[email protected] :um novo olhar para a formação do professor no processo escolar com a utilização de ambiente virtual de aprendizagem




This dissertation is inserted in the research project [email protected], whose aim was the creation of a virtual learning environment, dedicated to child/adolescent in school and hospitalized. The project uses the Eureka, the environment of PUCPR, as a platform base. It was aimed to investigate the general importance of [email protected] - Virtual Learning Environment in hospital context, and the specific objectives were: to relate that educational requirements are needed in a Virtual Learning Environment for hospitals, identifying characteristics required of the teacher to act in virtual learning environment; validate the [email protected] at the point of view involving teachers in the teaching hospital and the team s development environment; analyze aspects concerning the teaching-learning process that may be favored with the use of [email protected] - Virtual Learning environment. Authors used to give more support to this research, Matos and Mugiatti, Fonseca, Behrens, Vasconcellos, Harasim, Mercado. The methodology used to search based on qualitative approach of case study in the dialogue and descriptive way. As the instruments were used semistructured questionnaire. The scenario of the search were three large hospitals in the city of Curitiba - PR and the subjects involved were teachers of hospitals and staff involved with the project [email protected] Contribute to the development and improvement of educating hospital promotes faster recovery, be it physical, intellectual or cultural and social. Teachers seeking the continued training and development of new skills and new means of communication and provide information to educating new experiences and new ways of teaching.


ensino auxiliado por computador education, higher teachers continuing education computer-assisted instruction educacao professores - formação tecnologia educacional educational technology educação permanente ensino superior - dissertações

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