Estudo da incorporação de altos teores de argila calcinada no concreto compactado com rolo / Study of the incorporation of high amounts of calcined clay in roller compacted concrete




The rolled compacted concrete (RCC) is a still relatively new technique, but with growing volume of use, a fact generated by its technical and economical advantages, requiring more studies in order to use with greater efficiency, safety and economy. This work deals with the RCC with high levels of replacement and addition of part of the Portland cement by calcined clay pozzolan, aiming to analyze and quantify the improvements of the concrete properties and reach a satisfactory level of use, which allows for improvement or maintenance of the properties with a lower consumption of cement per cubic meter. So its impacts on the properties of RCC for this type of mineral addition were studied for the substitution levels adopted, checking the influence on the properties of the fresh concrete in the consistency and the density. For the hardened concrete some mechanical properties and durability were evaluated by compressive and tensile strength, capillarity and immersion by water absorption, test of permeability by water and ultrasound test. The use of calcined clay come together with the needs of the cement production for the construction of dams in the north of the country, as the case of Santo Antônio / RO, because its place is far removed from major industries and cement production slag, fly ash and silica fume, requiring the study of materials to enhance the production of cement. As an important result obtained with this research, it was found that substitution ranging from 27% to 50% achieved the best results, regarding the applicability of this material on the surveyed properties.


ccr substituição parcial adição pozolana argila calcinada barragens engenharia civil 1.concreto compactado com rolo 2.pozolana 3.argila calcinada rcc partial substitution addition pozzolan calcined clay dam

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