Estudo crítico do pronunciamento conceitual básico "Estrutura Conceitual para Elaboração e Apresentação das Demonstrações Contábeis" emitido pelo Comitê de Pronunciamentos Contábeis (CPC)




The history of the evolution of accounting, so overall, shows the relationship between the development of accounting knowledge and the environmental characteristics (political, economic, cultural and institutional). With the development and opening economic markets, the accounting is now considered the financial language of business. From then on, trying to develop organisms that could render that language converging internationally. In Brazil, with the creation of the Committee of Pronunciamentos Accounting in 2005, there is more specifically the advancement of accounting Brazilian towards international standards. The universe accounting Brazilian, who had two conceptual structures, from January 2008 announced the approval of the conceptual structure proposed by the CPC, fully convergent with international standards of the IASB, recommending the use as a conceptual document in the country. The main objective of this research was to present a critical study to identify changes or innovations brought about by the new conceptual structure, and the similarities with what was being treated conceptually until its approval. Were submitted some points still conflicting regarding the new conceptual structure, although that is more comprehensive, brings to the professional accounting of greater freedom in the choice of criteria for preparation of financial statements, mainly through the concepts of the primacy of the essence on the way, prudence, true and fair view, and not use the terminology "Accounting Principles". This guarantees the professional judgement, the ability to interpret and commitment to the best illustration, key points in the preparation of financial statements. It is understood that professionals in the accounting area should be properly prepared for such thoughts, so that the accounts can meet its goal of providing useful information for decision making


accounting contabilidade -- normas normas internacionais contabilidade international standards convergence conceptual structure estrutura conceitual ciencias contabeis convergência

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