Estimativa da idade pela mineralização dos ossos do carpo atraves de radiografias padronizadas




The estimate of human age constitute one of the major problems in civil and criminal investigation. Several biological factors were used as parameters in these studies, taking into account, the variability that these elements: present in the calculation of age. ln our work, we employed standard radiographies: to estimate the age by the development- and mineralization of eight bones: of the metacarpal, in 200 leucoderm Brazilians, of both sexes, aging between 13 and 22 years. The results showed that. in male from the eight bones studied, the trapezium and the trapezoid, were the ones that. presented a more uniform enlargement of area, in the period of 13 to 22 years of age. On the other hand, in female, the results showed no significative differences between age and dimensions of bone areas. We concluded that the metacarpal bones in female present a more accelerate grade of development and mineralization than in male. Although, the anal ysis of variance, showed significant difference among the bone dimensions in male, by linear regression analysis. it was possible to make a formula to estimate age, with a relati ve security, just by trapezoid bone area, with 80,78% of certainty


ossos - radiografia - idade odontologia legal

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