Ensino de língua portuguesa: a gramática no ensino fundamental e médio




The teaching of portuguese language, generally, is related the teaching of prescriptive grammar in schools and high school.But, how the teacher appropriates the linguistic theories, such as analysis of Do these teachers?speech and language textual guide their teaching activities focus on increasing the interactional communication skills of students? These questions guided this case study, carried State School Madureira Paulo and Castro, located in Tietê, state of Sao Paulo, with 11 Portuguese teachers, through a questionnaire. The analysis showed that, in their teaching practice, not had a conception of grammar defined, based, mostly in the metalanguage. The goal, therefore, this work is to contribute to the debate about teaching English in public schools Sao Paulo, pointing to the social, interactional and functional language to be considered in practice teacher.


norma padrão gramática normativa standard pattern grammar prescriptive prática docente portuguese language teaching practice linguistica língua portuguesa

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