Design GrÃfico e Fotografia: "Enxame FotogrÃfico"




This work deals with a digital photography phenomenon which is happening in our society of consumism, and its consequences A parallel between the mass knowledge theory and this phenomenon was done, with the aim to achieve a unique perspective, and, from the experiments done with the digital images repositories, new and old problems were detected. Solutions to these problems were suggested. By the experiments it was possible to have an idea of the huge potential of the internet photo repositories, made by professionals and amateurs; it was also possible to note that the photo retrieving system of these repositories are not favoring the interests of the areas that deal with graphics features of the images, due to the visual analphabetism, limiting the efficiency of the repositories. It is our aim with this work to develop a method to solve these retrieving problems, utilizing concepts of visual language to build a solution able to make available the visual communication features of the photos. The way employed to verify the efficiency of the method developed was based in keywords or tags. Words able to define graphics features of the photos were employed as tags, and by the results of the retrieving the efficiency and limitations of the method were verified.


desenho photograph â internet sociedade de consumo visual comunication globalization consumer society fotografia-internet globalizaÃÃo comunicaÃÃo visual

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