Depressão: um estudo qualitativo da depressão na interação familiar




This paper refers to the study of the family relation basis, when something happens to it like a deviation or na interruption in the expansion of the vital circle, in the case, Depression. The sample is composed by five clinic patients of Santa Casa Psychiatry Service, where they were diagnosed by the resident doctors as depressed patients. The theoretical reference used to discuss and analyse the obtained sample was the Psychoanalysis Theory, always having in mind the psicodynamic comprehension of the familiar relation. The familiar group relation was undertood by the reference of the Sistematic Theory. The interviews analysis made evident the restriction and the outstanding isolation of the depressed, and, on the other hand, the non acceptation, from the family, of the symptoms as a result of resistences concerning to the rupture of what was idealized. It was also observed, not only from the interviews, but also by drawings made by the family, that the relationship between the depressed and the objects was made up by the criation of an object, a product of his or her imagination, with the manipulation of real, concrete objects; therefore, it may be possible to mantain a relationshep. The family members, in the daily acquaintence with the depressed find themselves confined to a sadistic-masochistic game, stimulated by the depressed person, invoving all the others aroud, what seems to be like an inter-game between the depresseds severe superego and the familys superego


família depressão mental interação familiar depressão psicologia social interação

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