De big brother a pokémon : uma proposta de aproveitamento da tv no processo de ensino-aprendizagem formal.




The possible relation between education and television ?particularly, the programming of the so called open-channel broadcasting stations, is investigated in this work. It was tried ton identify the feasible utilization of programmes considered ?cultural trash? as pedagogic aids as a means of a more effective teaching-learning process. For this, attention is called to the importance of knowing to read ?to codify and decodify- the television discourse. So as to validate the depending variable (the use of the TV programming as pedagogic aid), both the training of teachers ?as a means of building the competence to deal with television language -and the pedagogic prejudice are considered as independent variables. It was understood that there is a separation from the teacher/ intellectual off the television medium and that this attitude is able to be modified from the moment the teacher gets to know and understand the constructing ? deconstructing mechanism of the television language. Therefore, a theoretic-practical possibility is offered to and experimental group to unveil this discourse towards the construction of individuals apt to expand their pictorial competence ?the codification and decodification of images.


television in the classroom imagem televisão na sala de aula televisão television and education codification and decodification of the television language image televisão e educação television educacao codificação e decodificação da linguagem televisiva

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