Course offered in a LMS: garden for the sprout of an on-line community. / Curso em ambiente virtual de aprendizagem: canteiro para germinação de comunidade de aprendizagem on line




The present study is a qualitative case study of an experimental English basic on-line course, entitled Beginner Grammar Writing (BGW), with emphasis on the development of writing and reading skills. This course was offered to students from different countries, whose native language was not English, and was delivered simultaneously by two teachers of English, resident in distinct countries. The study attempted to verify whether the students in the course, which adopted a teaching and learning collaborative/communicational methodology, became a learning community from the characteristics described by several theoreticians and from which we selected the following: common interests, empathy, collaborative sociability and time of exposure in the group. The data were collected from the course when it was first offered. Data consisted of digital documents (such as students´ e-mail, e-mail exchanged between the teachers, questionnaires, registers of students´ participation in the discussion forum and in the chat sessions, and some others) and the participative observation of the teacher/researcher throughout the course. The theoretical framework was based on the communicative theory, the collaborative learning approach and the theoretical referential on virtual learning communities. The data showed that the BGW course reached its objective of promoting a collective learning. The data also confirmed that a learning community was created and is maintained as so from the course studied.


comunidade de aprendizagem colaborativa/comunicacional basic on-line efl course virtual learning environment. experimental english on-line course ambiente virtual de aprendizagem metodologia colaborativa/comunicacional on-line. collaborative/communicational learning community curso experimental de inglês online on-line collaborative/communicational methodology curso básico on-line de língua estrangeira

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