Connections and slab reinforcement of concrete-steel composite beams. / Ligações e armaduras de lajes em vigas mistas de aço e de concreto.




The use of composite steel-concrete beams is increasing in Brazil and in the world, because this is to take advantage of the best properties of each material. Steel has an excellent response to compression and tension and concrete has to compression. Composite beams include basically the steel beam, concrete slab, connectors and reinforcement. Some phenomena in the interface of these materials must be considered, like the degree of interaction, shear in contact surface and uplift. The procedures normally taken in design of conventional structures of reinforced concrete and steel structures supply many answers to similar questions in composite structures, but, in general, they do not approach the most relevant question which is the bond between steel and concrete. The slab of composite steel-concrete beam is affected by a combination of longitudinal shear and transverse flexure, in the neighborhood of the shear connector. The analysis of the behavior of the slab and the reinforcement are main aspect of the work. In addition, some design procedures adopted by Brazilian Standard (NBR 8800-86), American Standard (AISC-2005) and European standard (EUROCODE 4) are discussed, in especial the related to connects, the crack control in sections with hogging moment and in transverse reinforcement.


connections slab reinforcement armaduras de lajes armaduras de costura composite beams transverse reinforcement ligações vigas mistas

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