Comportamento biológico do tecido conjuntivo submucoso ao implante do agregado trióxido mineral e do cimento portland: estudo experimental em ratos.




Due to similarity between the chemical composition of the Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) and the Portland cement, some researches have being done to become viable the dentistry use of the Portland cement. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the biological behavior of the submucous conjunctive tissue of rats, to the implantation of polyethylene pipes contends MTA, Portland cement, Portland cement added of 20% of bismuth oxide, in the experimental times of 1, 2 and 12 weeks. Forty five rats were distributed in three groups of fifteen animals, in accordance with the experimental periods. In each animal two surgical stream beds in the region of superior filter, where of the right side were placed the experimental group and in the left side the control group. After the experimental periods, five animals of each group had been sacrificed and the characteristics of the process inflammation-repair had been evaluated by histological technique of routine and the coloration of picrosirius red, specific for collagen. The statistical analysis of the results showed no significant differences between the different tested materials at the three experimental periods. In all the groups were observed decrease of the inflammatory response along time and increase of the amount and organization of collagen staple fibres denoting that all the evaluated materials, implanted in rats provide repair at long term.


cimento portland comportamento biológico. portland cement endodontia agregado de trióxido mineral (mta) mineral trioxide aggregate biological behavior

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