Cash flow statement under the accrual basis accounting / Fluxo de caixa por regime de competência




The Cash Flow Statement (CFS) is a financial statement prepared under the cash basis accounting. This characteristic grows difficult its comparison with other financial statements that are prepared under de accrual basis accounting. In this study, it was developed a new model, according the studies done by Dechow and Dichev (2002) in the United States of America: the Cash Flow Statement under the accrual basis accounting. This new financial statement has the role of link the traditional CFS and the other statements, mainly the Income Statement. The theory of this study is based in the concepts of cash and accrual basis accounting, in the discussion of the principal aspects of the CFS and Income Statement and the reference of the empiric researches realized about this subject. Following, a model was developed taking account of the cash flows divided into the accrual period and an example was built. For the empiric test, we selected, through the Economatica data base, Brazilian companies to the period of 1995 until 2005. The multiple regression analysis with panel data has been utilized as a statistic instrument. As a result of this study, the statistics tests sustained the hypothesis developed in the initial part of the study, concluding that the operational cash flow under the accrual basis accounting provide precise information about the accruals and supply a better comparison with the other financial statements when faced to the cash flow under the cash basis accounting.


contabilidade financeira financial accounting fluxo de caixa cash flow contabilidade societária general accounting

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