Big Brother Brasil : um cenário observado a procura de uma estratégia de posicionamento crítico no espaço público




This paper has been developed based on the observation and analysis of Big Brother Brasil 5 program, a reality show exhibited by Rede Globo de Televisão (Globo TV Network), in channel 12, from January to March 2005. The aim was to identify the strategies that made it possible for Jean Wyllys to receive the final award. This analysis of the actions and movements was given through the techniques of Public Relations, used with the objective to construct, to keep and to manage images in the public space. The conclusion of this dissertation is that Jean Wyllys won Big Brother Brasil because he entered the program bearing in mind a well-defined strategic planning, with a set of pre-established decisions that made it possible for him to remain in the game and to win every eliminating phase. His votes always showed coherence with the situation he was facing. His tactics and strategies had been efficient and efficient they had an intention: to win the program and and receiving the award. He used the dolphin strategy, believed the future and and in his capacity to decide challenges and problems with the elegance of a dolphin


game strategies public relations strategy televisão public relations reality show big brother brazil comunicacao análise programa reality show big brother brasil

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