Bibliotecas pedagogicas católicas: estratégias para construir uma civilização cristã e conformar o campo pedagógico através do impresso (1929-1938)




The object this research - Catholic Pedagogical Libraries - belongs to the cultural history knowledge and pedagogical practices. They are "immaterial" libraries, with no walls, constituted by press material inventory (books, magazines, newspaper material) produced, read, criticized, circulated by the members (subjects this research) two Catholic institutions, Centro D. Vital and Confederação Católica Brasileira de Educação (CCBE), respectively editors A Ordem and Revista Brasileira de Pedagogia (RBP). That press material, published from 1929 to 1938, is researched in its "materiality" "cultural objects", "the support a sense, transmitted by image or text", according to historian Roger Chartier. That sense s transmission form - life, world and pedagogy concepts - is seen as "strategies" to impose know ledge and normalize practices, according to Michel de Certeau. The results the research are the continuity the widening history education disciplinary boundaries; the evidence the importance analyzing press material as cultural object that maintains its use marks; a better knowledge the pedagogical concepts Catholic educators, as determinants their editorial strategies; the opening the cultural history knowledge and pedagogical practices research field, in terms comparative method, as that history is inserted in a wider research project, that deepens the pedagogical field constitution through intellectuals, press material and mstitutions


civilizacao crista brasileira formacao dos intelectuais educacao conhecimento cultura

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