Avaliação dos planos municipais de gestão integrada de resíduos solidos urbanos na Amazônia brasileira / Evaluation of municipal plans for the integrated management of municipal solid waste in the Brazilian Amazon.


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




In the present study is performed to assess the plans for the integrated management of municipal solid waste (PGIRSU) in Amazonian cities. Reflections were targets of all eighteen experience designed and implemented in the region. In addition to literature review were conducted field visits and interviews with the secretaries responsible for the service in the 18 places where that has measured the results were below the set in PGIRSU. Throughout this paper, one can see the reasons for the failure of the enterprise: the concepts and strategies that have underpinned the plans were not adequate to the reality of the municipalities and the absence of other management tools of municipal solid waste in three levels of government undermines the integrated management. The job ends with an assessment of 18 PGIRSU, according to the method of evaluation of plans Girsu proposed in this thesis. A new concept of PGIRSU was formulated. Finally, it was concluded that Amazon lacks specific forms of interference, physical characteristics and its history of occupation.


amazon amazônia avaliação de planos de gestão integrada. evaluation of integrated management plans resíduos sólidos urbanos urban solid waste

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