Aspectos psicopatológicos na hanseníase e nas reações hansênicas




Hansens disease (leprosy) is an endemic infectious disease in underdeveloped countries Diseases burden and reaction episodes can lead to anxious and depressive symptoms relatively frequent although poorly explored in leprosy To 90 patients presenting leprosy and 30 without the disease, but under the same environmental stress conditions in Goiânia-GO Brazil were applied the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D) Patients with leprosy were distributed in three groups of 30: group 1 without reactions; group 2: outpatients with reactions; group 3: inpatients with reactions The group 4 was composed by individuals without the disease Higher scores were found in leprosy patients than in the group without the disease with statistically significant differences specially between groups 3 and 4 Leprosy patients without reactions had lower scores (60%) Depressive symptoms were more common in reactions 83.3% in outpatients and 96.7% in medical inpatients The most symptoms found were anxiety depression lack of labor capacity and insomnia We concluded that anxious and depressive symptoms were more frequent in leprosy patients mainly in those with severe reactions


psicodermatologia psychodermatology medicina psychopatology hansens disease (leprosy) hanseníase psicopatologia

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